The OurFieldWeston collective is now governed from within the group of 60 co-investors.

5 ladies helped setup #OurField... you can see a bit more about them below: A fusion of Future Farm Lab, Farmerama Radio and Food Assembly ladies!

Abby Rose and Annie Landless remain part of the OurFieldWeston project as they are co-investors.


Abi Glencross

Abi Aspen is a scientist-agroecologist-adventurer who by day grows meat in the lab, and by night is a co-founder of Future Farm Lab, a collective putting farmers back at the core of our food system.

Having undertaken this seemly conflicting journey through agriculture, she loves to share the adventure with others and encourage us to question science and technology’s role in food and farming.

Abi sees #OurField as a fun, educational and collaborative way to really do something towards forming a sustainable food system together.

While not working on projects she loves to be doing anything outdoors, and can often be found pondering life, wearing ski trousers and drinking a warming cup of breakfast tea with a slice of cake in her hand.


Phoebe Tickell

Phoebe is a scientist and social entrepreneur, motivated by a passion for creating the conditions for transformation of people, society and planet. She is passionate about facilitating new forms and routes of learning - and has co-founded and been involved in projects ranging from re-imagining and democratising education, to most recently reshaping the food system to connect farmers directly to people, retailers and ‘appropriate’ technology.

She is excited about the two-way learning that will go on via the #OurField model. 

She is a scientist by training and remains fascinated by technology and how best we can get technology to serve humanity, and not vice versa!


Abby Rose

Abby is a physicist-farmer who makes a podcast sharing the voices of smaller-scale farmers in the UK and beyond, called Farmerama Radio.  

Abby helps to run her family’s small farm, vidacycle, where they make natural wine and verjuice. In recent years she also developed some technology to help her family farm better and now fellow farmers in Chile, the US and UK are using the tech to support their businesses.

Abby started her twenties with a Masters in Physics but found academia too restrictive so took herself on polymath adventures so she could pursue science in other ways.

She is committed to bridging boundaries and is keen to learn from both organic enthusiasts and conventional farmers who are taking the first steps towards a more ecological approach to farming.


Carolin Goethel

Carolin heads the producer network at the The Food Assembly - an award-winning organisation that enables food producers to sell directly to customers via an online platform.

Her background in post-colonial studies combined with her WWOOFing experience have triggered a passion for creating a more sustainable and fairer food system.

She’s really interested in all kinds of work that help homo sapiens to reconnect with themselves, each other and their environment and sees #OurField as an exciting experiment of the kind.

Annie Landless

Annie is a farmer’s daughter and spent her childhood amongst animals, fields and farmers markets. She studied arts, got her first job in a London PR agency and went on to be a Community Manager at an EdTech startup in Berlin. After realising she wanted to re-engage with her roots Annie started working for The Food Assembly, which connects local people to buy fresh produce direct from local producers online and then pick up in person at a weekly collection.

Annie’s parents grow cereal crops at home, so she wants to learn as much as she can from the #OurField cooperative approach to growing and managing land.


#OurFieldWeston Team

Meet the #OurFieldWeston team! #OurFieldWeston is the first ever prototype of the #OurField model - and is named as such because of the farm it takes place on: the Cherry Farm, Weston. John Cherry is our resident farmer for the season, who you can read more about below.

A bit about Weston Park Farm from John himself: "the farm has been in continuous no-till for six harvests and as we move on we find we have more questions than answers. But it has been the most enjoyable and profitable time in our thirty years of farming, as well as the most interesting. We hope you'll want to come and join the fun!"

 Sophie Perry

Farmer: John Cherry

John and Paul are brothers and 5th generation farmers at the Groundswell host farm. The last six years they have been in continous no-till and will be sharing some of the trials and tribulations from their journey.



Facilitator: Grahame Hunter

Grahame is the inaugural #OurFieldWeston facilitator who will be our co-investors' guide for the year - giving guidance, reading materials, hints and support along the way. But watch out for his red herrings, too!