iPES Food 'From Uniformity to Diversity' - A paradigm shift from industrial agriculture to diversified agroecological systems.

TYFA 'A comprehensive outlook on the diversity of agroecological initiates in Europe' - From farming systems to food systems.

EFNCP - IDDRI 'Transition scenarios to agroecology in Europe: relevance and challenges of a fundamental contribution to the EU debate on agriculture and environment' 

Ecological Land Co-op resource center - A library of agroecology-related research papers, organised by topic.

Diehl, K. (2016) Sustainability assessment of agro-ecological innovations at territorial and value chain scale - The study reported here was conducted as an intermediate step in developing assessment and management tools for innovations in a smallholder farm environment. 

Peano et al., (2014). A methodology for the sustainability assessment of agri-food systems: an application to the Slow Food Presidia project. -  This study develops an indicator-based tool to monitor the sustainability in agri-food systems that considers quality as well as economic, ecological, social, and cultural aspects



The Oxford Farming Conference 2014 - Opportunity Agriculture The Next Decade Towards A Sustainably Competitive Industry

Tech and Tools

Vidacycle 'Workmentor and Sectormentor' - Developed systems so a smartphone, paired with electronic tags, can be used to quickly and easily record information anywhere on your farm.


Erb et al., (2016). Exploring the biophysical option space for feeding the world without deforestation - Assessment of the biophysical option space for feeding the world in 2050 in a hypothetical zero-deforestation world.

Mark Lynas at The Oxford Farming Conference - Previous anti-GM food and farming activist Mark Lynas on his conversion to pro GM and his views on it's way to 'feed the world'.

Future of Food and Farming