Modern Crops

Historical shifts in the seed mineral micronutrient concentration of US hard red winter wheat germplasm - The yield of wheat has greatly improved through breeding, but it is not known how this has affected seed micronutrient content. In the present study, the iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), and selenium (Se) content of seed of 14 US hard red winter wheat varieties from production eras spanning more than a century was measured.

Breeding for micronutrients in staple food crops from a human nutrition perspective - Over three billion people are currently micronutrient  malnourished. This report discusses how breeding has effected staple food crop nutrient content. 

Grain composition and amino acid content in maize cultivars representing 80 years of commercial maize varieties - In order to determine how modern hybrids have impacted grain composition and amino acid content of the corn crop, a set of cultivars were characterized that were widely grown in different eras from the 1920s through 2001.


Heritage Grains

Heritage Grain Conservation - Ancient grains, landrace and bread pool of knowledge.

Ancient grain wisdom from Fieldstone Organics - A little insight into heritage grains

The Climate Resilient Farmer: How Landrace Biodiversity can feed a Planet facing unprecedented Climate Change - Eli Rogosa from the Heritage Grain Conservancy helps us rediscover landrace grains

Fruit and Vegtables

Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition: What Is the Evidence? - Evidence pointing toward declines of some nutrients in fruits, vegetables and grain available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Historical variation in the mineral composition of edible horticultural products - Historical variation in the mineral composition of edible horticultural products determined from UK and USA food survey data. 

Lang, T & Schoen, V (2016). Horticulture in the UK: potential for meeting dietary guideline demands - Current national levels of fruit and vegetable production and consumption, origins of horticultural produce consumed, and the potential for meeting dietary demands.