Collective Newsletter #4: What are we growing?

Hello Grainiacs!

After a fantastic visit to the Weston Farm last month, discussions, debate, dialogue and decisions are well underway on our #OurField Weston Loomio group!


Decision making on Loomio

All discussions and decision making are hosted on Loomio, an open-source online decision-making tool. If you’d like to find out more about Loomio and why we chose it as our #OurField platform, have a look at the Founder, Ben Knight’s TED talk here, or an article from the P2P Foundation here.

We kicked off the debate around how much risk the collective want to take - grow a monocrop and stay on the safe side or experiment with companion cropping which John has never tried before! The collective decided on the experimental option and later voted for spelt with a companion crop understory which will not be harvested, but which will be a weed suppressant and a soil-building and nourishing companion to the spelt.

As we all know farming is unpredictable, and we’ve had our first unexpected challenge: it turns out getting our hands on spring spelt has proved rather difficult. Luckily #OurField team member Carolin reached out to a German farming forum and managed to source 2 tonnes of spring spelt seed, just in the nick of time!

You can catch up with the discussion & decisions on the public Loomio thread whether you're a member of the collective or not!

 Carolin welcoming the #OurField Weston group in the Weston barn!

Carolin welcoming the #OurField Weston group in the Weston barn!


Learn more about #OurField

If these little news bites haven’t stilled your information appetite here’s where you can find out more. Enjoy!

  • In our most recent blog post team member Annie investigates what cover crops are, what they are good for and how we are using and terminating them at #OurField Weston.
  • Co-investor Tessa Tricks has written a great piece about daring to crop share with the #OurField Weston collective. Read more via Sustainable Food Trust here.
  • You’re wondering what’s in store for #OurField the next few months? Our team member Phoebe goes deep into the timeline when interviewed by collective member Matteo De Vos for his podcast For Food's Sake. Check it out!

We’ve also updated the resources section on the #OurField website, just in case you’d like some more nerdy reading :-)

 Getting down and dirty at Weston Park Farm!

Getting down and dirty at Weston Park Farm!


More updates coming soon and in the meanwhile join the #OurFieldfacebook group to connect with co-investors and anyone else interested in the project.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Grainy love,

The #OurField Team

Phoebe Tickell