Collective Newsletter #3: #OurField Weston Visits The Cherry Farm

Dear Grainiacs,

Hello from the #OurField team! We are excited  to send you our first big update from Weston Farm for this year. It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you on Sunday at Weston Farm! If you couldn't make it - join us for the next visit!


Meet our 42 co-investors

Having the full collective of 42 co-investors confirmed, we have embarked on the journey we will take together this year. The collective is a very diverse bunch: chefs, farmers, campaigners, journalists, film-makers, consultants, entrepreneurs, academics, mothers ...who are participating for all kinds of different reasons. Many are in to learn more about farming life and connect with the source of their food whilst others are mostly excited by the collaborative nature of the project or the innovation aspect. Meet the co-investors here!

 #OurField Weston collective introducing themselves at the first Farm Visit!

#OurField Weston collective introducing themselves at the first Farm Visit!


#OurField Weston Farm visit

Last month we hosted the first visit to Weston Farm, inviting all our lovely co-investors to meet with farmer John, facilitator Grahame and the team, walk on #OurField and kick off the discussion about what we can grow.

It was very exciting to set foot on the very real #OurField. Here are some pictures of the day to awaken some memories or get an impression of what it was like.

After a walk around various potential fields  (John has now decided which one it will be :-)) we got chatting over a yummy locally sourced lunch and eventually listened to John and agronomist Richard talking us through the various options for what we can grow and their implications.

In case you’ve missed it, John announced the three options- spring wheat, spring oats or spelt. Each of them have the possibility open of being planted with a companion crop - lentils or beans.

 The collective standing on #OurField, with John showing off some of the no-till soil!

The collective standing on #OurField, with John showing off some of the no-till soil!


Risk or Profit?

In the subsequent Q & A there seemed to be a consensus - before deciding on what to grow the collective needs to agree on something much more basic. Do we want this project to be a fun experiment and are we prepared to take the risk or is our aim to minimise the risk and maximise the likelihood of making a profit?

 We have recorded the discussion so if you want to catch up on it, watch it here.


What now?

The discussion is about to kick off on Loomio so if you haven’t joined yet, do so now. The main thread is the space to express your own views, challenge others and ask questions  until Wednesday the 29th. The discussion will then be synthesised by facilitator Grahame and the first decision- what we will grow-  will be open from the 1st- 5th of March, so don’t miss out on casting a vote! 

Subsequently, we will move on to discussing the input question until the 15th of March. John is a no-till farmer, but how organic do we want it to be? This second decision will be open from March 15th -19th.


Who’s in the Collective?

We have attached a little pdf to give you an overview of who’s part of the Weston Collective. What an interesting, passionate and diverse bunch of people!

 We are so excited to embark on this journey with you. Bring on the cooperative grain revolution!


Grainy love 🌾

The #OurField Team


Carolin Goethel