Collective Newsletter #2: Participation and Co-creation in #OurField!

Hello Grainiacs!

We are getting increasingly excited to meet you at our upcoming farm visit! Here's some more details and other updates from us:

Farm visit

On Sunday the 19th of February you are warmly invited to Weston Farm to visit the very real #OurField! Please let us know if you are coming by RSVPing on Eventbrite. If you'd like to bring a plus one, please book them in and bring a dish. We are still in need of an event photographer,  is that you?  If so, get in touch!


Participation and Co-creation!

We are excited that some of you have already been getting involved in spreading the #OurField message and started contributing with various ideas!

Articles and Videos 

A couple of people have got in touch about writing articles for various publications or filming for vlogs - and we’re more than happy to help edit anything, provide you with photographs or anything else you may need.

Please do get in touch if you have any ideas for how you’d like to make this #OurField experience your own - or influence the course of the project. It really is a whole new experiment in collaboration and co-farming, and you are central to how it all goes!


Matteo De Vos is our only co-investor who is not located in the UK - instead he is dialing in all the way from Paris. Matteo recently launched the podcast ‘For Food’s Sake’ in which he features ‘down-to-earth dialogues about the food on your plate’. #OurField-er Phoebe joined him a couple of weeks ago to record an episode which covers a lot of ground about #OurField - including the timeline for the year and possible ways for co-investors to get more involved with the running of #OurField. Have a listen here!

Matteo plans to record more episodes over the course of the year, so do get in touch if you are interested in providing a co-investor perspective.


Facebook group

After some thought and deliberation, we have decided to make an open #OurField Weston Facebook group, to allow a place for us all to make plans together, share information on things like liftshares and stay in touch! Loomio will remain the discussion forum where all resources and discussions are shared regarding the co-farming decisions. We ask that the Facebook group is kept as a neutral space to stay in touch, share personal news and logistical matters, as not everybody is on Facebook and therefore may get left out of #OurField decision discussions.

Join the Facebook Group by clicking here!


We have attached the prospectus again in case you haven't managed to have a look at it yet. Check it out!

See you on the Farm!

The #OurField Team

 Abi and John inspecting #OurField!

Abi and John inspecting #OurField!

Phoebe Tickell