2018 Coinvestor Form

#OurField Weston2: Call Out for New Co-Investors


What is #OurField?                                                                                                                             A co-op grains movement that aims to change the the way we grow grains forever. 
Why do we need this?    

At the moment, 13 million tonnes of low-quality grain are grown and diverted for animal consumption; modern grains in our bread are increasingly linked to health problems and improper microbiome function; our nutrient-poor flour requires fortification by law with micronutrients; there is a lack of support to aid farmers operating on slim financial margins to move to less intensive farming methods.

The aim is to help farmers transition to practises that are low input; protect and build soil for future generations; and grow delicious, nutritious and diverse grains.

The #Ourfield Movement
In 2018 we are now running the second #OurField cohort in growing a co-operatively owned field of grain on a conventional farm.

In 2017 a collective of 43 co-investors and co-farmers decided to grow a companion crop - spelt with clover- and harvested nearly 250 kg of beautiful summer spelt which we are currently selling.

You can get an insight into the discussions and decision making process on Loomio.

Why join #OurField?
Joining #OurField as a co-investor is an exciting opportunity to dig deep into the farming world and connect deeply to where your food comes from. 

As a co-investor in the field you will become a part of the farming process and enter a symbiosis with the farmer: learning from the farmer about the soil and weather conditions, voting as to how we take these factors into account, using the online platform Loomio, connecting with the project by visiting the farm and getting regular updates and finally selling the grain to a mutually agreed body.


The #Ourfield Goals
1) To aid farmers in moving away from producing low quality grain for animal feed and produce high quality grain for people.

2) To share the farmer’s risk, allowing them to experiment with less intensive practices and diverse grains in order to create positive economic models for others to follow.                                                

3) Empower farmers and co-investors to influence the food system.                                                    

4) Re-connect with food - not only is there economical investment, but emotional one too.                  

5) To create a blueprint which other collectives and farmers can follow enabling us to initiate a positive movement, not a stand-alone project.

The Farm: Weston Farm, Hertfordshire
John, Joanna, Paul and Alex Cherry run Weston Park Farm; a practicing cereal no-till and beef mob-grazing farm at the forefront of the UK ‘Groundswell Agriculture’ movement for no-till and soil regeneration.

The Weston team currently conventionally grain farm and are keen to explore other low intensity methods and diverse grains with your help.

We will be farming a field of 28 acres.


How will the year look like

Here is a rough idea of how the farming year will look like. 
What decisions will need to be taken when?

- February  First farm visit. Meet the Weston team and walk on #OurField.
- March 1st Decision (which grain will we grow?)
     - 2nd Decision (Do we use any inputs,which ones?)
- April Sow seeds
- May 3rd Decision (How to weed the field?)
- July Summer Farm Visit
- August 4th Decision (What do we do with the crop and    
 the straw?) 
- October Harvest Festival!
- End of year WHAT NEXT for the collective?

How can you join?

There are 60 shares and most of the last year’s co-investors will remain part of the collective so we are looking for 18 new investors. Is that you?

If you are interested please:

- Express your interest to our facilitator Grahame gnlh01@gmail.com via email.
- Pay your investment of 200£ into our bank account (details will be provided by Grahame).