We are looking for some new members to join the #Ourfield team for 2018!

Find out more about the project and how to sign up here

Email Grahame on  to find out more.


#OurField is a co-op grains movement that will change the way we grow grains forever.

Living the farmer's journey, reinventing farm economics & sharing farmer risk.

It starts with one field #OurFieldWeston collectively farmed by 40 people, which includes John Cherry, our farmer.


Follow the story here and on Twitter as it unfolds...


Make sure to check out 'A Field of Wheat' the art and agriculture project that inspired #OurField here!


Want to read the first conversation on what to plant? Check out the collectives live decision making process here on Loomio!


And watch this space for our handbook so you can start your own #OurField project anywhere in the world.

 John and Abby on the Cherry Farm in Hertfordshire

John and Abby on the Cherry Farm in Hertfordshire